House Name Board | ONB104

2,999.00 2,499.00

Size : 12″x 4″

Base : 5mm

Text Height : 7mm

A Simple Problem with no Easy Solution:

Often people feel the need for certain particular informatory sign boards or Name Plate Design. One of them is a house name board or an address of a person or a family. Usually, this need is met by writing it on a piece of paper or on cardboard and exhibiting it in front of the house. But this won?t last long. Writing the address on a piece of wood or on a tin sheet may offer a better solution. But hunting for a suitable piece of wood or a metal plate presents a problem. Finding a skilful artist for such a simple work is not so easy. Often the board neither suits the place as expected nor does it satisfy many. As a result, it is just thrown away or stuffed into some corner. The whole process to solve this simple problem becomes so cumbersome as well as time-consuming.

Orbiz Comes to Your Aid:

Considering the constant demands from a vast number of our customers Orbiz creatives had designed a very special Name Plate Design board for you. This design has the most attractive wooden texture. A very high-quality acrylic plate which is sturdy, strong and all weather-proof comes into play. We have decided to come to the aid of our esteemed customers. Trained professionals of Orbiz creatives have designed a perfect house name board for you which is highly affordable.

You can customize it to your Name Plate Design full satisfaction. You can decide the size of the board, its shape, the text in it etc., etc. Now fix this beautiful and most elegant board in front of your house. Announce with confidence your house name, your name, profession, house number etc., exhibiting this most elegant name board. Display the content in any font of your choice. You can add to it any logo or photograph. Make this special name board a unique mark of your personality as well as the dignified sign of your house and your address.

Sign of Progress and Modernity:

Times have changed. All look for class and culture which a simple piece of paper or cardboard won?t satisfy. Therefore, Orbiz is releasing a very special utility for you only. Custom designed name-boards have become the most outstanding sign of progress and modernity. All the more it is a must that we display our house name with the dignity it deserves.

Solution on Your Fingertip:

Now Orbiz customers need not hunt for a suitable cardboard piece or tin sheet. Save your time hunting for a skilful artist with this minor job. Here comes the most perfect design created by professionals. Besides, everything is made easy as it is brought to your fingertips. Go ahead confidently. Just tap the button below and this special house name board will be in your hand within hours from our courier service.


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