Square Layered Custom Premium Clock | OCP105

1,999.00 1,799.00

Size:12″x 12″

Custom wall clock does make a difference; not in the time as it moves on, but in the timing as time goes on. Time and tide never wait for you, thus goes the saying. No one remembers them either. But when you time it, it becomes a reminder- an un-forgettable sign of the time. You yourself can do this using your own creativity; by your own customization. Personally designed Custom Clocks are something very special in the modern world. Elegant, luxurious and trend-setting wall clocks- specially designed by professionals are here for you to add to your decorative home collections. You may also like to offer a surprise gift to someone, you treasure the most.

You are already in a new world of wonders. There is a variety of professionally designed Custom clocks in which you can add a name, a Photograph a logo, a birthday or any text you want. So create your own clock as a personal reminder of a memorable day. Here is a golden chance for you to give vent to your own creativity. Make it a valuable gift of lasting memories. Take the chance and crush it on time.



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